Let's work together to give girls the dignity they deserve and stay at school.

Menstruation kits


It is a sad fact that girls miss school while they are on their period. The ‘Your Smalls Appeal’ provided a hygienic and safe solution to ensure girls feel secure and comfortable.

We use supply girls with reusable ‘menstruation kits’ which last for 3 years. Each kit is beautifully made by women in the Gambia. Helping to support trafficked women and sexually exploited girls. The kits include a bag with a single bar of soap, a flannel, pair of pants and reusable soft fabric pads and a fabric insert.

We seek to ensure as many girls as possible in poor rural areas in Africa are supplied with a menstruation kit.

Without a hygienic and safe solution, girls will use dirty rages which lead to infection and in some cases animal ‘dun’, which can lead to death!